Friday Night Magic! Standard(All Formats),or a Draft, you pick the format!

September 15, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Vidiots Game Room
1220 W Elizabeth St
Fort Collins, CO 80521


Hey all!

Drop in for Friday Night Magic! If you are new to the game of magic, you will meet players willing to help you learn!

We furnish free decks and expertise to introduce you to the greatest game in the worlds.

We will be running Standard(All Formats) or a Draft event as well at 6 pm. Entry fee is just $5.00 for Standard and $15.00 for Draft.

We seem to lean towards Standard, with a few drafts so far. We have seen Commander, Two-Headed Giant, and free for all as well!

The January promo card will be given to the winners in addition to the standard booster prize support.

Come by early to get set up and be ready to play.

Modern Magic

  • Decks must contain a minimum 60 cards. If a sideboard is used it must contain no more than 15 cards.
  • Entry fee is $5 with prize support at 1.5 packs per player with a flat payout.
    • Friday Night Magic promo foils will also be awarded starting the first Friday in January. Eight players minimum required.
  • For more information on legal card sets and banned cards, please check out Wizard’s Modern Format Deck Construction Rules.

Standard Magic:

Standard is a rotating format where you build decks using cards from the most recently released Magic sets. Evolving game play and fresh strategies make it one of the most popular ways to play at home and in events like Friday Night Magic. Please check out Wizard’s Standard Format Deck Construction Rules.

Magic Draft:

Each player will receive 3 boosters and then make a minimum 40 card deck to compete for additional prizes. Entry fee is $15.

Matches start at 7 pm.

  • Prize support for this event will be 1.5 packs per player.
  • Friday Night Magic promo foils will also be awarded starting the first Friday in July. Eight players minimum required.

The promo card for January is:

Speaking of effective ways to utilize madness, Noose Constrictor is one of the better ones around. This Wild Mongrel update has been used in a number of powerful tournament decks to block fliers, put cards in the graveyard, and just generally serve as a menacing Snake.

Noose Constrictor

Come join us soon and lets build our local Magic community.

Thanks for all your support!


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