A Night of Terror or “Carrie” and the bumped knoggin’


Back in the late 70’s the film “Carrie” was a hit. I had seen it in the regular theater in its initial release.

Later that summer a friend of mine came to visit. He wanted to see “Carrie”, so my younger brother and I took him to a showing at the local drive-in. My brother and I knew the ending had a jump scare in the last scene. My car at the time was an old mail truck with converted seats for two in the front.

As the film neared the critical scene I whispered to my friend to pay close attention as the ending was important. He leaned forward and stared intently as the final scene unfolded.

Bam! Jump Scare! Boom!

My friend screamed, jumped straight up, and slammed his head on the hard metal car roof. Of course my brother and I were laughing hysterically.

Years later at a class reunion my friend mention how he was still afraid to watch that final scene.

Moral of the story, movies can bring out strong emotions and create lasting memories.

Hope you all enjoyed  this little story.

Posted by Scott “Vidiot”

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