VHS sale! It’s Finally time…


Hello all!

We have kept our vast selection of VHS tapes at the store for many reasons.

Nostalgia, Warm and Fuzzy feelings, Increased Selection, the list goes on…

We are continually replacing these titles with newer versions on dvd or Blu-ray. This takes time as it is very expensive to buy them all at once.

In the meantime we have watched the rentals drop down in numbers.

So, it is time to let our beloved library go.  They will  be priced at just $1.00 each for all tapes in all sections. There are only two exceptions.

The Disney films are $2.00 each, and the Anime rentals will not be for sale.  Anime on dvd is far more difficult to find and replace.

So hurry in before the title you want goes away!


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