Help us stock our game room!

Hello all!
We have a great gaming room at the Village Vidiot​

We would like to have more board, card, or dice games available to play for free. We have been slowly adding a few at a time but we need your help.

We thought about Kickstarter, but we think support from our established friends and customers is best.
If you have any older Role-Playing games or fun family games and would like to help us out, please bring them by.


We would love to stock our game room shelves with all of your favorites.
Strategy games and miniatures games are also welcome. TIEPunisherComponents
So, check out the collections in your garage or basement and please come on over.

I would also like to hear from you as to what you want us to carry to make your hanging out with us a fun event.
Suggestions for snacks and drinks would be great.
We will be adding coffee and hot chocolate soon to our great selection of cold drinks.
And as usual we have no fees or purchasing minimums to use our tables. Just call ahead if you need special set up for your event.

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