Epic Pvp: Fantasy is here and ready to Duel!

Product Description


Epic PvP: Fantasy is equally at home at a hardcore game night as it is in a coffee shop or at the family dinner table. Setup couldn’t be simpler – just choose which fantasy race/class combo you want to play, shuffle those two decks together and battle against your worthy opponents.

Epic PVP Fantasy Base Set

  • Race Decks: High Elf, Dwarf, Human and Goblin
  • Class Decks: Paladin, Rogue, Ranger and Druid
  • Whether you choose a more traditional combo like the Human Paladin, or an unconventional one like the Goblin Barbarian, the choice is yours. Gameplay is fast and furious and so much fun that when the game is over you’ll want to make another character and play again! This is what Epic PvP: Fantasy is all about.

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