Parking changes during CSU event 8-20-2016

Hello all,
I received and email from our landlord that i am posting here for you to read. Basically they are trying to charge for parking, with a refund of the fee with a printed receipt.
This doesn’t work well with us as a lot of you are just returning films and have no plans to rent or buy anything at that time.
I will be at the entrance trying to let you thru without any hassle.
I may just hand out simple cards as a proof of shopping here at the Vidiot.
I apologize for this heavy handed arbritary policy. Again, i was not involved in its implementation.
Please come by Saturday as usual, i will personally try to make things as smooth as possible.
Scott Shepherd “Vidiot”
I wanted our tenants to be aware that we are starting to do a new parking enforcement policy (just as a “test run”) during the CSU v. WY Men’s Basketball game on 2/20/16 at 2 p.m. and a little before/after. This test will hopefully help us work out a consistent way to manage “No Event Parking” during high-traffic events at Moby. We are going to be charging $5 to enter our lots, and have hired attendants to man the entrances. This means one attendant per lot, so entrances may be blocked off, although we will try not to interfere with our neighbors (Sonic, St. Paul’s, etc.) with whom we have shared driveways. Mantooth Marketing Company is helping us pilot this program, and Isis is copied here for your reference. You all should have received the attached sign to post in your front windows regarding No Event Parking, and if you have not already done so, please display it! I’m attaching it again so you can print it off, if you misplaced the original Mantooth provided to you.
We are also implementing a “validation” policy. So if a person who has parked in our lots, paid for the parking, and then utilizes ANY TENANT’S BUSINESS, they can provide a receipt upon their exit and get their money back. This is to encourage people who park here to actually visit our businesses. If your patrons have paid to enter the lot, please just make sure they get a written/printed receipt to present to the attendant, and they should be able to get their money back when they exit.
As mentioned, this is only for a few hours before, during, and after the game. You may want to post a notice today/tomorrow on your checkout stations, and/or let your employees know, as well.
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