MTG: Sunday Standard Magic League 12:30 pm


We have started our first league!

Join us and make new friends, fight to the death and earn great rewards!

Prizes to be awarded as league play progresses.

Sunday Standard Magic League

Meet up at 12:30 pm to get your cards ready, deck building starts at 1 pm.

Three Packs from any Standard expansion required. You can mix and match.

One Pack per week from any Standard expansion required to continue play. If you cannot attend a league event you may pre-purchase a pack and leave it to be opened at the next league meet-up.

You can catch up to the league with the purchase of the appropriate number of boosters.

Card list must be maintained and a copy left at the Vidiot for record keeping.

League Play Rules:

Plainswalkers allowed in play only after each member has acquired one.

One card may be traded per week, max four trades per month. These trades can be accumulated and used at one at end of the month.

Decks will evolve to match W.O.T.C. standard play rules.

Rules subject to modification per voting members.

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