Take a break! Escape with a great film…


Hello all,

I’ve been talking with customers who own businesses in town, and friends of those that do.

It’s been slow lately and it is affecting us all.

Many of us agree on one thing, this years election is really an emotional roller coaster. You have picked a side, or a candidate, and are hanging on for dear life.

Glued to your television, or logged in to social media, you scour the daily news for anything that can reassure you.

Take a Break!

I have a suggestion. Pick a night, any night. Or pick a day, yep an entire day. Call a friend or gather your family and check out for those few hours. Leave the worries and stress behind for just a short time. The issues will be there, for better or worse when you return.

I believe that as a Video store owner I have a unique ability to give you an escape.

I can help you find a different world, a different time, a better place, and send you there for a visit.

Whether or not you want to go to Mars, Battle Horde, chase Ghosts, or relive the best moments in your life with a movie memory, we can do that.

You can be the Good, the Bad, Or just Ugly, and no one will judge you. Your family or friends get you back for a bit, and your mental and emotional health might improve.

So, take that break, get out, visit us, or revisit a favorite pastime at another local business. We will all be better for it!

Thanks for reading,


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