Save the Vidiot! day 5: Our first weekend!


Hey all,

That was a great opening week.  Over 7k! in donations even with spring break in full swing!

Over 10 thousand total views, that’s amazing! These may be donations waiting for that right moment.

So many stories, hugs and handshakes! I will have memory fuel for years.

This is the first full weekend of the campaign, and it will be a blast! Let’s finish the opening goal!

You are the key to our growth and sustainability.  These are exciting days!

Friday is going to be beautiful today. So drop on down and say hi! Bring a friend for the first time, or maybe donate.

As the Vidiot community we share a common goal.  Help maintain our growing library of films for all of our families and friends.

When a community unites great things can happen!

Follow the link below, pledge if you can, or share it and spread the word.



The Vidiots

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