Save the Vidiot! Weekend update


Good Morning and happy spring break weekend!

The city extended the construction another two weeks till early April on shields and Elizabeth. So just a heads up.

Thanks to all of you that took the time to donate! We can’t survive without the efforts of the community. We want to be here for you, and give you the selection that you love. It is so important that  we continue this campaign to keep that promise to you all!

If you have been watching, clicking and sharing then we thank you as well. The shares have been getting the word out and it’s awesome to see how many people actually read our posts.

This weekend is vital. We are so close to our early goal! Please help us make it and break it. Take that second step and pledge to the campaign. The results are immediate, and it feels great!

It’s worth your time, and together we can keep movies available to everyone. And please if you would like to post why you donated then do so. I have seen so many wonderful personal stories, keep them coming!




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