It’s Alive! Monday morning update and a thank you.


Supporters of the Vidiot,


It’s time to get this machine rolling again!   It was awesome hearing in person why you want us to stay open. Every conversation was empowering!

I believe we can hit the 10k mark soon. That would guarantee the Vidiot can keep going for many months.

We have seen a remarkable influx in new customers and in store donations. Every dollar counts!

You are the key to our growth and sustainability. Thousands of views and shares, over 12k now and still going up. Crazy guys!  keep it up.

Let’s get back on track today, Monday. So drop on down and say hi! Bring a friend for the first time, or maybe donate.

We share a common goal. The selection of movies available to you is rapidly dwindling. We buy everything and we listen to the requests you make!

Help maintain our growing library of films for all of our families and friends.

When a community unites great things can happen!

Follow the link below, pledge if you can, or share it and spread the word.


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