Save the Vidiot! hitting the 10k goal and beyond


Hello Vidiot supporters,

It’s new release day today and it seemed appropriate to post a new message. The campaign has done well and we are so close to our first goal of 10k! Let’s reach that goal and trigger the next exciting step!

We have seen well over 12k shares and it’s still growing. We have only a small amount to raise and we can leap into the second set of goals! Getting the Vidiot to running free of debt.

To be free to grow and stay solid in the community our ultimate goal is 85k. We are well on the way and with this addition push, we can move on to the next step.

We have paid ahead on our note, something impossible without your help so far!

We need everyone to share the campaign again and drive the community to jump on board!

You, our supporters, have been key to the success so far and we really appreciate all your efforts. Especially your clicking the donate button. That’s definitely a heartfelt sign of support.

I am posting a video that tells why I am so passionate about my store. It was filmed for CSU and was fun to make. I hope you enjoy it:

The Vidiot stays relevant


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