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Hey all,

When you look at the numbers you see an amazing pattern. Most of our funds have come from a small number of individuals.

Thousands of shares with just 150 or so online donations, and an almost like number of drop-in donations.

So thank you so much, all you core supporters that have clicked and donated directly at the Vidiot!

Every donation helps and you are carrying this campaign on your backs. I know most of you, and I am humbled by your choosing to help us.

If the rest of the community, the ones watching and sharing, take that extra step. We could easily double the number of total online contributors.

When you break down the goal, the larger the community that joins us, the easier it seems.

So, to the rest of you watching and sharing. The word is out and spreading, the community is excited, and it’s time to join us!

Film is America’s art. Film is us, our past and our future our hopes and dreams saved and shared.

It reflects and illuminates what we do as a people. We may stumble sometimes, but we learn and strive to do better.

The Vidiot wants everyone to experience the wonder of film, with friends and family. Keep our dream alive, relive your memories, create new ones, and pass them along!

We look forward to you continued patronage in the years ahead.

Thanks for listening,







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