Campaign Goal clarifications! Very important.

​Hello all,

First off, amazing coming together of the friends of the Vidiot throughout the community. We are close to our emergency goal! We couldn’t have done this without all of you!

I believe however, that i made a mistake when i help the community funded folks set up my campaign. I was asked what my goals were when we were setting up.

I said we needed 75k to pay off a sudden note that had come due and some other expenses. These expenses, if paid would result in our continued day to day operation.

The construction was rapidly draining our limited financial reserves and we came up with the quick 10k goal to help us through those few weeks.

I directed the campaign to start with the quick smaller goal and use the others as “stretch goals”

As last week went by I was being congratulated over and over for making our goal. When in reality we had just hit the emergency goal.

It seemed many people had not seen the ultimate goals. Oops, my fault entirely. I have never run anything like this before.

I decided to send you, the supporters,this note.

Thanks so much for pledging and sharing! I still can’t believe we have come so far.

So I ask again that you share our campaign, and add any comments as to why you helped us.  I will repost this on Facebook and via email and hope the community sees the correction I am trying to make.

Thanks again,




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