Save the Vidiot! Monday the 27th 11 days to go!

Hey all,

We cleared the emergency goal over the weekend! We are now focused on the end goal of 75k that will keep the Vidiot going for years to come!

Thanks to all of you our there that shared, donated, or dropped in to rent or just revisit us.

It has been a great ride so far.  We are loving the visits and stories the community has shared with us so far.

Just a quick note. I’m getting so many questions about why I do this, keep a business running through adversity and changes in how we view or consume entertainment.

I do this out of love for movies and what they can do to affect change in the world around us. When I see the state of the world today, I need to retreat sometimes. I do this with movies.

I just watched a new one called “A Monster Calls” It is an amazing, beautiful, powerful story about impending loss and growing up. It was to me, the most touching and heartbreaking film I have seen in a long time.

If we lose our video store, you may lose the chance to see this flm. It may be too non-commercial to be on a streaming service, you may not find it on a Redbox because it’s foreign and small box office. In short, no video store will lead to very limited selection.

This is why I fight to stay open. Supporting art in any form keeps us alive inside.

Thanks for reading, keep working with us and the community to fund our goal, and keep watching movies!


Scott “Vidiot”




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