MTG: Magic the Gathering Open House 1PM: Standard $10 draft at 6pm


What’s Magic Open House?

Set to occur Saturday  April 15th at 1pm. One week before Amonkhet Prerelease, this new event encourages casual fun for new players and easy, league-style Standard play with a participation promo reward.

We invite players of all levels to come together to learn and play Magic, say farewell to Aether Revolt, and look ahead to the next exciting release—Amonkhet.

We will be introducing new players to the game and welcoming them into our Magic community with learn-to-play sessions, using the Welcome Decks that will be provided for free. These decks have some Amonkhet cards in them.

Invite your veteran friends to join the fun by helping to teach new players.

The event will start at 1pm and run till 6pm.

Attendees will keep the starter decks and the first 25 players will receive a foiled Amonkhet full art land!

Culminate your day with a casual Standard draft event at 6pm that encourages new players to test their decks and meet the community.

The draft will be just $10 and will include 2 boosters of any standard legal set to be added to your starter decks. Build a better deck and let the fun begin!

Play will start at 7pm.

We will have prize support in the form of any extra full art foil lands and various prizes furnished by the Vidiot!




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