Huge News! The Vidiot is retiring from the biz! We will be starting liquidation August 7th


Well here you go folks!

We lost our building to “progress” and haven’t been unable to find a suitable replacement.We have decided to wrap it up and ride off into the sunset.
We have loved serving each and everyone of you over the years. It was Christmas everyday down here, and I still say it was never a job.
Starting Aug 7th we will be liquidating all stock and fixtures. To get out clean after the loss of our building we need to sell everything or close to it.
So come over when you can, call your family and friends and celebrate the years of business and not the loss.
Prices will start low and of course it will be first come first serve.
Cash is king, but we will maintain credit card service as long as we can.
The racks, fixtures and glass cases can be reserved for pick up as they’re emptied.
Try to keep the “do you have” calls to a minimum as i’m sure we will be very busy and cannot hold specific titles. You can search the website at…

to see if what you want is still here. It should be fairly accurate as we sell the inventory.
Thanks again, and please help us out with a visit or two or a share with friends and family.
The Vidiots

here is the link to the Coloradoan article:…/village-vidiot-fadin…/510013001/

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