Final official liquidation weekend!


Hey all!

It is Labor day weekend!

We will be open Noon to 8 pm Friday, Sat, Sun and Monday.

We will have the following prices in effect thru the weekend.

All Dvds are just $2.00 each. This includes Anime and foreign. Some exceptions are in place for rare and unusual sets, but most normal.

Blu-rays are $4.00 each.

Television is just $4.00 per season.

We opened an special section today of dvds that are in the boxes and ready to go! Almost 3 thousand movies that were in the back area, that you probably missed while searching the larger rooms. These are all just $1.50 each! So, shop here first if you are in a hurry!

Games are still available at 25% off and we have some good deals on Magic box sets, Commmander Anthology’s at $139 and Nicol Bolas Archenemy at $29.99!

We still have our shelf racks at $50 each and tool boxes at $40 each.

Very new white chairs at $ 17 each or all 20 at $300!

The 2 revolving glass show cases are just $300 each, and the other showcases are available as well.

If you need slatwall for a garage or your own shop the sheets are just $25 each or whatever we agree on based on size. Bring a truck and a drill! The nice metal shelves are just $1.oo each. Hundreds available! Color is gray.

Hurry in for great deals and a fantastic selection of good movies!

Finally, we will be officially closed Monday night, but we will have open doors thru the 25th of September. We welcome you to straggle in but we will be boxing remaining  stock for storage. We will also be taking very few credit card purchases after Labor as we must end our CC agreement. So cash is king after Monday the fourth!

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