9-16 Last 8 days of liquidation! Hurry in for best selection!


We are just 8 days from the doors getting locked at the Vidiot! We close on Sunday Sept 24th at 8pm.

Tremendous deals on all Movies!

Dvd’s are just $2 each with thousands at just $1.50

Blu-rays are $4 each with 4K and 3D at $5

Television seasons are just $4 each.

Anime vhs are only .50c each.

Racks are available at $40 each, and we still have those 2 rotating collectible cases at $300 ea. or $500 for the pair! Very nice for display use in your store.

The 2 large glass  display cases with glass sliding doors are also available at $125 each.

Slatwall and shelving can be taken at any time. drop in for pricing.

All movies are rapidly being moved into the cases to speed up your visit!

Games are 25% off and all magic is 20% off as well.

come in quick for best selection!


Scott “Vidiot”

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