Scott “Vidiot” is working at a new location!

Hello all,

Scott is now managing The Gorehound’s Playground! The address is: 1225 W. Drake Unit b Fort Collins 80526. The phone number is 970-449-2784.

I was asked to join owner Jeff Abbott at the Gorehound’s location as the retail manager. I am helping Jeff set up the retail area and run the theater on a daily basis.

That’s right! a theater.  A very nice 30 seat theater with a huge 150″ screen, Dolby Atmos and 11.2 surround, and comfortable lounge style seating. It is very exciting to watch films in an intimate setting.

In the retail area we will feature toys and collectibles from the genres, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, cult. We will also carry noir, thriller and action themed items.

Rentals are back!

We are re-opening rentals with titles related to the genres sold in retail. So horror, sci-fi, fantasy, cult and the rest are well represented. We will be rebuilding the New release section as well, with more great theme related titles. Many of the films on hand were never available before and are unusual and rare.

This is a deep selection of films. You will find comedies, drama, foreign and perhaps even family films. But remember they will all follow the themes or genres listed above.

Rentals will be available for one or 3 nights. Pricing is simple at $2.99 one night, $3.99 three nights.

If you had an account at the Vidiot you will have one at the Gorehound. Just update your info for us and enjoy films again!

Looking forward to seeing all you film buffs again and letting you in on some great hidden gems!

I have missed all of you

Scott “Vidiot”


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2 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    Yea!!!! Was just saying the other day we missed the Vidiot!

  2. Tam says:

    This makes me incredibly happy!