The Vidiot has closed, but works part time at the Gorehound’s Playground



The Village Vidiot was open till October 2017. It closed due to the building being demolished and redeveloped.

Early in November 2017 Scott was hired by the Gorehound’s Playground as a retail manager.

Scott Helps Jeff Abbott the owner run the day to day operations.

We are adding genres monthly and will soon have close to 5k films for rental.


A few articles and links for you from the past!

published January 19, 2012 Colorado State Weekender

The Village Vidiot, a hidden movie gem in Fort Collins:


published August 8, 2012 Colorado state CTV

The Village Vidiot’s owner talks about staying relevant:


published February 18, 2015 Coloradoan Newspaper

Fort Collins Vidiot outlasts big video rental stores:

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