MTG: Kaladesh Second chance Event! Friday 9-30 @ 7pm


Friday 9-30-2016 6pm Kaladesh Sealed Event!

We have just a few pre-release kits left.


Join us for a great way to use them up!

These were going to be sold or opened on Friday, why not join us for a fun second chance event.

Call fast to hold a slot, you should pre-pay by Thursday to make sure you get to play!

If well sell all the slots the top 3 players can choose to take home one of the Thopter mobiles hanging in the store!

This set is beautiful and the “energy” mechanics are fun.

We had multiple “Masterpiece” Cards pulled and all Planeswalkers made an appearance in the events last weekend!

Nissa and Chandra promised to return and bring even more friends!


Last Chance Event Info:

  • Sealed format
  • Entry fee is $25
  • On-site registration opens at 6pm
    • Entry fee includes 1 Kaladesh prerelease pack with:
      • 6 Kaladesh booster packs
      • Randomized, date-stamped foil promo card, which can be any rare or mythic rare in the set
      • Spindown life counter
      • Deckbuilding advice insert
    • 50-minute Swiss rounds
    • Prizes awarded in Kaladesh booster packs
  • Play starts promptly at 7 pm.
  • Lots of boosters to the top performers as prizes!